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New release, Joey Willis to Another World, with fantastic art work by Tom Kenyon.  I am Tom’s mother and I believe and have always believed his work is the best.  I can remember when he was a little boy I used to encouraged him to keep drawing and told him he is an artist.  He then believed he was an artist, he then told his friends he is an artist and drew many pictures for them and now he is a professional artist.   His daily every day job is tatooing as well as creating the cover and internal pictures for my book and other art projects for customers.  His work is incredible.  His employer and customers love his work, they always come back for more tatoos.  Attached is the front cover of Joey Willis to Another World in black and white.  There are more pictures inside my book as well as a fantastic story to read.  Buy one at :


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How to get your children to bed on time

I read my story Joey Willis to Another World, to my daughter every night.  She loves my story as she can’t wait to hear what happens next to Joey on his adventures in Magical World.  It’s the only way I can get her to bed on time and without fail she always falls asleep.

Check out my web site buy my book and read to your children every night

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New release – Joey Willis to Another World

Joey Willis is an eleven-year-old boy desperately searching for his younger sister, Olivia. From a familiar beach to an unknown cave, Joey falls into a different world.

On his mission to find Olivia, he finds he has been given an extraordinary gift of magical powers.

Joey meets Budda, the master teacher of all that is good, and together they encounter huge, fierce, and evil creatures, the likes of which Joey could never have imagined on Earth.

Joey’s adventures also lead him to make many friends.

But will Joey find his sister?


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